Thien & Heyenga is a shipping company located in Hamburg/Germany, with a fleet of modern container vessels and a number of conventional reefer ships trading worldwide.

The relationship with Cores Worldwide Inc. and T&H was established in 1999 and since then Cores has become a professional, reliable and valuable partner who is willing to assist 24/7 which is of tremendous importance in our industry.

We would like to highlight the professional and competent completion of each individual job on our vessels and the unobtrusiveness of the employees. 

We are looking forward to working with Cores Worldwide Inc. management and staff for many years to come.

Torsten Ballreich
Managing Director
Thien & Heyenga GmbH

The working relationship between Cores Worldwide and SuperPort Marine Services is one that we value deeply. It’s so much easier to meet the challenges of running a business when the relationship, such as we have, with Cores regularly exceeds expectations.

Leslie MacIntyre
SuperPort Marine

Having observed the workmanship and work ethics of Cores Worldwide both from the customer’s perspective as well as from the co-worker’s perspective, I would not hesitate to recommend them to any prospective employer. I have complete confidence in the ability of Cores Worldwide to perform any marine/diesel related task to the complete satisfaction of the ship owner.

Rory Macdonald, P.Eng
Vice President
Lengkeek Engineering

Thank you very much for the photographs.  There are a couple of things that I notice right away:  Andrew Ryan – part owner of CORES is engaged; PPE is in use; slings are fresh, the right size, and lashed to a strong structure; the crank journals are protected and the crank is evenly supported by wooden shims; the exterior of the ship is protected from the chain falls, the CORES employee is engaged and enjoys his work; the load is being controlled in the air; the paint on the vessel looks good, the gasket on the door looks fresh and fire rated.
Very refreshing to me to get an update. Looks professional. The photo says a thousand words and I appreciate all of the effort that it takes to get it right.  Pass along my regards to Andrew and Doug and my acknowledgement that we think that they are doing an excellent job for us in overhauling these engines.

Clint Laidlaw, P. Eng. PMP
Deputy Project Manager & QEH & S
SNC Lavalin

All six engines and the two generators were removed from the Firebird today. The rigging and removal went extremely well. My hat goes off to Andrew and his crew from Cores. In my nearly thirty years of experience, I have never saw such a smooth and coordinated job. The soft patch was removed at 0830 and 15 tons of engines and generators were rigged out and removed from the vessel. The engines were then blocked and secured for transport on a flatbed, which drove away from the jetty at 14:00.

Keith Crockett
Auxiliary Vessels Support Supervisor
Quest Ships Manager
SNC-Lavalin Defence Programs INC

I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for your teams’ hard work and professional approach in assisting our group in our past contracts completed at Stora-Enso and The IWK Hospital. Not very often do we have the opportunity to work with a group that shares the same type of work ethic and service philosophy as we do at Mobile Valve.
I would be happy to recommend your company in any future ventures you have.

Jamie Towriss
General Manager
Mobile Valve

Cores Worldwide has assisted us in completing a few key projects over the past few years. I found them to be a talented, professional team and a pleasure to work with on all accounts.

David Smith
Service Center Manager
Fairbanks Morse Engine

Our Vessel had been laid up for over 18 months and we were on a tight schedule to get the vessel operational and re-certified and all four main engines (Fairbanks Morse 38 D8 1/8) required significant overhaul. Cores Worldwide was called in to provide both parts and mechanics to complete this task. The team assigned did an excellent job in not only bringing the main engines up to manufacturer's standards but also to meet stiff Regulatory & Classification Society requirements. Parts not planned for, were acquired at reasonable costs and due mainly to the support we received from Cores Worldwide, we were able to meet our departure schedule and to date have had no significant issues with the main engines that Cores Worldwide overhauled. I would not hesitate in recommending Cores Worldwide as they met all my expectations in quality, schedule, and budget.  
Grant Locke
M.G.L. Technical Superintendent

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