Overhaul & Maintenance: Marine Gears, Clutches & Couplings


CORES specializes in the inspection, disassembly and repair of marine gears, clutches and couplings. CORES has developed a specialized approach for the overhaul and maintenance for the manufacturers listed below and can complete work beyond this scope. CORES has completed routine maintenance for gears, clutches and couplings with 200 operating hours up to 12 000 operating hours.


  • Modern Wheel Drive
  • Twin Disc
  • Lohmann Stolterfoht
  • Renk Tacke
  • Reintjes
  • Capital Gears

Clutches & Couplings

  • Voith
  • Paraflex
  • Lovejoy
  • Airflex
  • Vulcan
  • Witchita
  • Eaton

CORES will provide your marine gears, clutches and couplings with the complete service of inspection and analysis, overhaul and maintenance.

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